J2FIT: Mike Dewar

Mike Dewar Working Out

We are halfway through the year (if you can believe it!), and whether you’re trying to recommit or double down on your fitness goals, we have someone in mind.

Mike Dewar is a local Cincinnati strongman who specializes in Olympic Weightlifting and Functional Fitness. He’s the owner of J2Fit Strength and Conditioning gym as well as the host of The Barbell CEO podcast, and overall enjoys bring likeminded driven professionals together to crush their goals.

Speaking of goals, if this kind of heavy lifting and strength conditioning is something you want to add to your workouts, you’re in luck! There are a couple of spots left in an intensive seminar on Olympic Weightlifting that Mike is hosting this weekend, July 27th. Click the link to sign up or read more details on the class, and check out the rest of our interview below to learn about Mike’s food philosophies and more for our July #SleepyBeeFeedsMe feature.

Tell us about the sport or bodywork profession you do, how long and why?

Mike D.: “I love feeling strong, powerful, mobile, and athletic. Because of that, I’ve been doing Functional Fitness for 10 years now, and Olympic Weightlifting for the last 5 years.”

— For our readers, Functional Fitness (FF) is defined by the MayoClinic as “exercises [that] train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.”

For example, squats, lifting, and pushing/pulling exercises are the kinds of movements that make up a functional workout, with the goal of improving your strength and balance for everyday life.

Mike Dewar Working Out

What’s your favorite meal at Sleepy Bee?

Mike D.: “Love the Broakley! I’m a huge egg and bacon fan (who isn’t, right?!). I’ll often order it with either a side of sweet potatoes or fruit depending on my mood! 🙂

How does food fit into your lifestyle and what is your personal philosophy on food?

Mike D.: “I believe that food is fuel and should be used as a tool to reach your goals. Want to gain muscle? Eat more carbs + protein. Lose fat? Simply eat fewer calories and keep protein high. Too many people try to lose fat by stripping carbs, doing “cleanses”, and often don’t have success in the long run…and if they do lose weight it is also at the expense of their hard-earned muscle.

So, eat protein, eat carbs to fuel workouts, and moderate calories based on your goals.

MORE CALORIES = Weight / Muscle Gain


(assuming you still train hard with weights!)”

Mike Dewar Flexing

What’re you up to when you are not working out? Hobbies, etc.?

Mike D.: “I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hiking, and traveling.”

— If you want to connect further with Mike or check out his own personal training company, J2FIT.com, you can follow him on Instagram @mikejdewar

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