Nick Cotter, General Manager – Downtown

Nick Cotter has really done it all – he’s held every position from busser to GM and he’s worked at every location from Oakley to Downtown, with a joke (read: many jokes) and a smile all along the way.

Not only is he a triple crown bee, but he also finds time to frequently model in any and all media shoots we conduct. We wanted to ask him how we too can have it all, but then someone turned on the Spice Girls, and like Ginger, he was gone… to go sing-a-long. We were able to get a couple answers out of him for our #staffyearbook feature before he scampered off, so here’s the skinny on all things Nick:


Walk us through your bee journey…

Well, let me tell you. I have a lot of people I’d like to thank for this moment.

So I worked an event for the Sleepy Bee at the Best of Cincy event that year at the Casino. I was just super smitten with the concept,  and the energy and the vibe I got from the employees I worked alongside with, so I applied for busser and here I am today, the GM of Downtown!! No, but truly, they took me in as a busser around April 2015 at Oakley, with no previous restaurant experience. I had the opportunity to train as a host, started server training there and then as they opened Blue Ash I got to do serving up there for a while. Then as the opportunity for AGM became available I put my hat in the ring for that, started doing AGM work for a while, that led to GM of downtown, completing my Sleepy Bee Triple Crown.


Location currently?

 True triple crown, I have worked at all 3. But Downtown as of now.


Spirit Animal?

Well, I’m a triple crown so obviously a horse. But I know that’s taken. I don’t know…something that’s indefatigable but also has anxiety? Like a bear that hibernates for 2 days then roars back to life? Maybe a bird? An albatross?

Pause, I’m gonna take a quiz… let’s see.

OK so I took two because I didn’t like being called a snake, it just feels painfully accurate but also offensive, even if they are claiming that it stands for wisdom and stealth. So I took another one, obviously, looking for better results, and I got coyote…which is fine. I’m probably one of those mystical amalgamations of creatures that just shouldn’t function, but the coyote is someone that finds humor in dark times, which is me. So,, we’re going with that one.


Most serious hobby?

I decompress with friends family and my favorite tv show, Schitt’s Creek. Also tennis, I watch and I occasionally play, but I do keep up with it.  Also sleeping.


Day off fun?

Sleeping then tennis. Then checking on my Simms family from 2013, I hope they’re okay. Idk, I’m always into music, my dad and I swap mixtapes because we’re adorable. He always has some fire music I get acquainted with and then I get on Spotify and look up new artists to try to keep up with him and always fail. But I try.


Where are you from?

I’m from Good Sam Hospital. Good ole’ Cincinnati.


Favorite Show right now?

Schitt’s Creek. Catherine O’Hara is a godsend.


Most frequent dinner? / Do you eat dinner?

Whatever Postmates has to offer. I’m a big pasta person, carbs are my favorite and truest friends.




I played piano as a kid. For now, my voice is my instrument, it’s used daily and frequently.


Sports Ball?

I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it. No, tennis for sure. I did have a stint with the Sleepy Bee kickball team, the two years we did that, a lot of fun, but not sure if I contributed much to the athletic aspect. Upping the body count, screaming team chants, and providing alcohol were all things I did well. I’m great for camaraderie and team spirit if nothing else. I did have a highly anticipated and unintended Flashdance moment during one game in the rain where I attempted to get the ball and instead was on the ground for like a solid minute trying to get up, at which point the opposing team scored 4 points.


Random Skill?

I can name all the presidents in under 15 seconds.

*We put it to the clock, impressive indeed I guarantee.*


Best Sleepy Bee special of all time?

I love Asian cuisine, so we did a breakfast Bahn Mi special at Blue Ash that was really dope.


Song that pumps you up?

You Better Sit Down Boy – Confidence Man


Favorite secret mod of Bee food item?

Goat cheese I’ll add to everything and literally anything


Most hilarious Bee memory? 

Kickball was always a blast. I adore everyone I have the pleasure to work with, so day-to-day proceedings are a joy. But when we get to bond in a different venue, it’s a new level of camaraderie and fun. Aster drinks after shift, kickball, and Zoofari are all highlights.


Anything else you want to say?

Super geeked to be here. *Insert thumbs up.* The bee has been a great source of joy in my life and I’m excited to keep going!


(We hope you enjoyed Nick’s various model shots and his deep but extensive range of looks from various Sleepy Bee shoots through the years. Here’s one more:


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