Introducing Hexonomics

What is Hexonomics? 

Hexonomics is the lens that all decisions are made through at the Bee.  We take each of the six foundational sides into consideration and each are fundamental to the success of our hive.

Sleepy Bee’s Social Performance Principles and Practice:

“We nurture an inclusive, generative culture empowering our hive to work creatively and collaboratively towards shared goals for the benefit of all.” 

-Sleepy Bee Mission Statement

We have always tried to disrupt the norms of the industry- it has been a goal since day 1 to challenge it to do and be better.  There are so many more resources now than in any other time in history to analyze, reflect, learn and measure our goals.

Sleepy Bee’s Environmental Performance Principles and Practice:

 “We honor and emulate the bees–our muses–and their role in the wellbeing of diverse, local ecosystems. 

We aim to create the most sustainable and life giving food and hospitality company.”

-Sleepy Bee Mission Statement 

Bees have always been a muse and beacon of sustainability that we continue to look for inspiration and guidance.  During the  past few years we have been gaining momentum, and moving towards a more regenerative sustainability model – meaning we want our business to give back to the planet, not just take from it.  You can help to bring these goals to life!  


How Are We Measuring Success on a Business-Wide Level?

We have joined and been accepted to be members of 513Green and 2030 District; both of these organizations help hold us accountable to hitting stringent environmental conservation benchmarks.  

We have partnered with Open Door Culture and Calibrated Lens to help analyze, improve upon and execute our social goals. 

We filed our B-Corp application this year and are awaiting review, but we have locked in our social and environmental mission into our governing (legal) documents.  


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