CrossFit 513 United: Sarah Jenkins & Patrick Heringer

Patrick Heringer, co-owner of Crossfit513 with his wife Sarah Jenkins, goes on a run in Downtown CincinnatiSarah Jenkins and Patrick Heringer are the real deal – fitness leaders in the community and true Sleepy Bee fans.

💛🐝 They’ve quickly become some of our fav downtown Bee regulars, dropping by to fuel up after a killer workout at their gym just down the way on 4th street – CrossFit 513 United. So we’re excited to finally welcome them into the #SleepyBeeFeedsMe fam! 💪😃

With spring and summer coming up, maybe it’s time to add something new to your workout routine – like CrossFit! Read their interview below to learn more about their gym’s approach and more about Sarah’s other nutritional programs for help. It seriously couldn’t be easier to get in shape with them! Now if we could just put down the Buzzy Grilled cheese…. 😅

Sarah Jenkins, owner of Crossfit513 with her husband Patrick, poses in front of a brick wall at her other personal training business, The Original MethodWhat sport or bodywork profession do you do, how long and why?

CrossFit 513 United: The gym was established in Jan. of 2015, we are a CrossFit affiliate that follows the methodology of CrossFit, meaning we do functional moves that strengthen you for life, outside of the gym. We change it up constantly for ongoing effectiveness and eliminates boredom. The workouts also include intensity so it’s a very short amount of time you are actually working out! Lastly, what sets us apart from other affiliates is our focus on community and how we can cultivate that within our doors for the people of Greater Cincinnati.

Sarah J.: In addition to being a CrossFit coach, I am a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and nutritionist. I have been in these industries for 6+ years. My approach is finding out what the individual wants and needs and coming up with a plan for their success. I love helping people figure out their “why” and once that is done, we design the “what” and “how” for their goals. This can be for physical, mental, nutritional, or emotional wellbeing and health.

Patrick H.: I started coaching when I was active duty for the Army so about 12-15 years ago. I’ve always loved fitness and coaching, even before I realized it was what I wanted to do with my life post-military. I look at Coaching as passing on of the best of what I’ve learned from other or through education. Also, my dad was always my coach growing up and I always thought that was pretty awesome.

Can you tell us about your favorite meal at Sleepy Bee?

Sarah J.: I have had everything on the menu at least once. I’ve never had a bad meal which is one of the many reasons I cannot and will not stay away! I get on a meal kick and ride it out until one of the staff members suggests something else for me. Currently, I am all over the CbeeD bowl, I ask for my eggs over easy instead of scrambled, because who doesn’t love and need a runny yolk in their life?

Patrick H.: Avi Omelette, add salmon, and two Beecakes on the side if it’s a training day. #carbs

How does food fit into your lifestyle and what is your personal philosophy on food?

Sarah J.: One of my titles gets to be Nutritionist. Nutrition is the baseline of health, wellness, and fitness. You will never out-train a poor diet. Nutrition isn’t just to lose weight – it is also mandatory for fighting diseases, increasing and improving life, and it complements and fosters mental health.

Patrick H.: I am a competitive CrossFit athlete as well as a coach, I would not be able to do what I do without a healthy and sustainable diet fueling me. There will be ebbs and flows to how much and how hard I am training and my diet will also change to match my lifestyle but it will always be focused on nourishing my body first and foremost.

Tell us about what you’re up to when you are not working out? Hobbies, etc.?

Sarah J.: I don’t understand the question…just kidding:). Honestly though if I am not doing work with someone or training myself, I am at Sleepy Bee or a local coffee shop.

Patrick H.: I’m usually with my wife at either of those places and I love being a student of my craft, so probably studying for a new certification or degree.

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