Congratulations, 2024 Graduates!

👩‍🎓 Our co-founder, Sandra Gross, had the honor of giving the commencement speech to the Class of 2024 at Miami Ohio University’s College of Creative Arts last Sunday!

“For the past ten years- I have immersed myself in a few subjects. One of them being BEES. Besides learning that there are 500 different bee species alone in Ohio – I always thought that Bees will buzz around and land on any flower, collect pollen and nectar and move on. Actually though, most bees specialize in specific colors,season, forms (maybe they took my visual fundamentals class) and some even – type of plant. They even know if a plant has been pollinated recently by another bee and will go to the next flower. Even more amazing is that if it is the right plant and the right time, when the bee is inside gathering nectar, the pollen will attach itself to the bee. They seem to be the masters of making their time matter, not wasting it and only choosing the flower that suits them.

🙌 As you all go from experience to experience, you will attract lots of things like the Bees attract Pollen. These could even be mundane events – like for me meeting a friend of a friend at my studio one day who happens to be a chef…Pay attention to which ones stick, what keeps coming up for you, what attracts you, what repels you. We create value by solving problems – even moreso when we can have a cultural, social, or environmental impact.

…Your faculty, fellow students, and your family who have supported you throughout your numerous journeys cannot wait to see what life you create, and neither can I. Congratulations class of 2024!”


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