From The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Polly Campbell

cincinnati brunch and breakfast at Sleepy Bee Cafe

“The success of the Sleepy Bee Cafe is proof of how much the dining public wanted good, non-greasy-spoon breakfast. It was immediately popular in their first location in Oakley, and a second spot has since opened in Blue Ash.

There are a lot of locally raised egg dishes on the menu so it is, in some ways, a standard breakfast fare. But they’re made with extra choices and flair. You can get sweet potatoes instead of home fries, for instance, and their “nectar” sauce is a fresh, wonderful alternative to ketchup. I recently tried a tofu scramble instead of egg. It eats about the same, though with the edge of the turmeric that makes the tofu yellow. To stick to the theme, I got veggie sausage, which was a tasty reasonable facsimile. The Blue Ash location, which is larger than the original, has a very nice little patio surrounded by the trees and paths of Blue Ash Square, allowing for one of the best things in life: breakfast on the veranda, so to speak.”

Polly Campbell, Cincinnati Enquirer, 27 July 2016

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