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Bees have been revered throughout history, from ancient mythology, to medicine, to children’s books.

There is a good reason why- they are critical to our world’s sustainability. Without them our entire ecosystem would go lopsided and many of our favorite foods would be lost forever. Bees are hard-working, community-focused, efficient, and possess a collective intelligence.

Sleepy Bee was born for the love of bees.

Sleepy Bee is a gathering place that offers locally sourced sustenance – food that tastes, makes you feel, and is, good. In an environment that is embraces the beauty of it’s community, through it’s design and featured artistry.

Owners Dr. John Hutton and Sandra Gross are entrepreneurs who follow their hearts. “We are often asked about the origin of our name, Sleepy Bee. It was not the product of focus groups, marketing meetings, or a graphic design team. One of our favorite pastimes is exploring our yard, populated by native host plants and “weeds,” checking for new arrivals. On cool mornings, we noticed that bumblebees tended to rest on the underside of flowers, before starting their busy day. “I think it’s sleepy,” one of our daughters announced. And so it was.”

The menu and specials crafted by Chef Frances Kroner strike a balance between traditional comfort foods made with locally sourced ingredients, healthy options and bright flavors.

Come and join us for a meal.


Owners Dr. John Hutton and Sandra Gross are entrepreneurs who follow their hearts. Whether reviving an independent children’s bookstore from going out of business to national prominence (blue manatee) to repurposing a dilapidated warehouse and asphalt wasteland as a LEED certified, award-winning glass studio and arts complex surrounded by native prairie (Brazee Street Studios), for the past 20 years they have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place. They are especially passionate about those whose voices are smaller than their role in the world and our future: children and pollinators.

John brought experience as a pediatrician, and Sandy artistic vision and advocacy for local artists, united by deeply-held values to create a beautiful, community gathering place celebrating the sublime magic of bees.

Executive Chef Frances Kroner
Executive Chef Frances Kroner

Executive Sous Chef Emma Cotter
Executive Sous Chef Emma Cotter

General Manager Blue Ash: John Guia
General Manager Blue Ash: John Guia

Blue Ash Chef: Trey Hammersley

General Manager Oakley: Rosa Baker

Oakley Chef: Joey Meeks

Commissary Chef Laurel Meadows
Commissary Chef: Laurel Meadows

The example that bees provide informs all that we do, from teamwork, to a sense of community, to communication, creativity, and organization. It has been said by scientists (including, anecdotally, Albert Einstein), prophets, and philosophers alike that as bees go, so goes the human race.  Our goal is for them to swarm far, wide, and well. And so, over a locally-sourced omelet, bowl of organic fruit, and steaming cup of fair-trade coffee roasted nearby, we celebrate them.